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Model: FG2101

Standard: NIOSH  TC-84A-9222

Efficiency level: N100

Filter Effeciency: 99.97%

Half Mask Size: M

Type: This respirator is used for protection against Non-oily Particulates.

Connection Type: Bayonet compatibility allows use with many BAIANDA half masks design.



*Assembly includes Half Mask FEA07 and Particulate Filters 2101 N100.

*Protection against environments containing certain non-oily Particulate.

*Removable filters can be replaced with BAIANDA filters and cartridges.

*Remarkably comfortable, soft, light weight Mask and easy-to-adjust head straps.

*Patented design of cartridge bayonet is notin the middle can make it easier to install on half mask. The design of off set connector improves the user's vision.

*The respirator is used for welding, brazing,torch cutting, metal pouring, soldering, and exposure to lead asbestos,cadmium, arsenic, and MDA at concentrations up to 10 times the PermissibleExposure Limit (PEL).

*The half mask can also be disassembled,cleaned, and reused, extending the life and cost effectiveness of the product.


Packaging:   Half Mask: 1 Pc / Bag, 36 Bags / Carton

                      Filter: 2 Pcs / Bag, 160 Bags / Carton

(All Half Masks and Particulate Filters sold separately)